The quality of finished mold is closely related to the processing method

1. High processing precision: a pair of molds is generally composed of molds, punches and mold bases, and some can also be multiple assembly modules. Therefore, the combination of upper and lower dies, the combination of insert and cavity, and the combination of modules require high machining accuracy, and the dimensional accuracy of precision dies usually reaches level m.

2. Complex shape and surface: Some products, such as car panels, aircraft parts, toys, household appliances, are composed of multiple curved surfaces, so the surface of the mold cavity is very complex. Some surfaces must be treated mathematically.

3. Small batch: The development of mold production is not through mass production. In many different cases, enterprises only produce one copy.

4. Many operations: mold processing always requires the use of milling, drilling, drilling, tapping, threading and other processes.

5. The service life of repeated production dies is long: when the service life of a pair of dies exceeds its service life, new dies must be replaced, so the production of dies is often repeated.

6. Profiling processing mold enterprises sometimes have no drawings or relevant data in production, and they need to conduct profiling processing according to the physical model, which requires high precision and no deformation.




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