The status of Mould in processing Industry

A mold is a tool that uses its particular shape to shape a product of a certain shape and size. A variety of molds are widely used in various material processing industries. For example, the sand or die-casting mould used in metal casting, forging die for metal pressure processing, cold die and so on.

The overall requirement of the mould is that it can produce the public products which meet the requirements in dimension precision, appearance, physical properties and so on. From the angle of mould use, it requires high efficiency and simple automatic operation, and from the angle of mould manufacture, it requires reasonable structure, easy manufacture and low cost.

The mold affects the quality of the product. First, the shape, size, surface finish, surface finish, the position of the gate and the exhaust groove and the mode of demoulding, as well as the physical properties of the parts, the mechanical properties, the electrical performance, the internal stress size, the isotropy, the appearance quality, the surface finish, the bubble, and so on. Indentation, scorching, and silvery are very important. Secondly, in the process of processing, the structure of the mold has a great influence on the operation. In the mass production of plastic products, it is necessary to minimize the opening of the mould, the process of closing the mould and the manual labor in the process of taking the parts. It is also necessary to ensure that the products can be automatically removed from the mold. In addition, the mold has an impact on the cost of the products. When the batch is not large, the cost of the mold will be very large in the cost of the parts. At this time, a reasonable and simple mold should be used as much as possible to reduce the cost.

In modern production, reasonable processing technology, efficient equipment and advanced mould are three essential factors, especially the mold plays an important role in realizing the requirement of material processing, the application requirement of plastic parts and the modeling design. Efficient automatic equipment can play its role only if the mould can be automatically produced. The production and renewal of the products are based on the manufacturing and updating of the mould. Because of the great demand for product variety and production, the mould is required more and more. Therefore, to promote the continuous development of the mold.


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