There will be no problems in the process of injection molding as long as you pay a little attention

Injection mold needs to pay attention to many problems in the production process in order to produce qualified products.

1. In injection mold processing, due to the different shrinkage coefficients of various materials, the mold must have a reasonable shrinkage rate.

2. The injection mold should have enough rigidity during processing, otherwise it will deform and cause “flash” during mold closing and pressure maintaining.

3. The cooling (water passage) in the processing of injection mold is related to product quality, size, shape, nature of plastic enterprise, pressure holding time and other factors.

4. Reasonable exhaust position and its control amount should be selected for injection mold processing. Otherwise, it will lead to dissatisfaction with plastic injection and “lack of materials” of the product.

5. Reasonably select the injection path in the processing of injection mold to make the materials reach everywhere evenly (equal flow channels) and have sufficient reserves to ensure the supply of plastics in the shrinkage process.




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