These points should be paid attention to when auditioning mold suppliers

At present, there are many mold processing factories on the market, and for different enterprises, the molds required will be different according to the characteristics of their products. How to choose the mold suitable for their own enterprise development from many factories has become an important link that enterprises must pay attention to in the production process. Let’s learn together below.

When selecting a mold processing supplier, the following points must be considered

1、 Supplier size

When choosing mold suppliers, enterprises should pay attention to avoid two extremes: too large scale or too small scale. Generally, for large-scale suppliers, their partners are also more stable. If it is a single or small-scale cooperation, it is not easy to attract the attention of suppliers, and there may be mold production delay or even delay in the follow-up. For mold suppliers that are too small, they may outsource their business, and the quality can not be well guaranteed. When choosing, you can pay more attention to suppliers with their own company size and type, which can greatly increase the possibility of successful cooperation.

2、 Production capacity and quality control ability of suppliers

When processing different molds, the requirements for precision will be different. When selecting suppliers, we should pay attention to personally inspect the perfection of the supplier’s production equipment to see whether we can produce the required precision molds. If necessary, you can also learn about the supplier’s previous relevant mold production experience, pay attention to implement it as much as possible, and don’t just trust the supplier’s words.

3、 Then look at the supplier’s production scheduling plan and quotation

Before determining the cooperative supplier, we need to pay more attention to its subsequent production sequencing and quotation, so as not to delay the production time and delay the production demand of our own enterprise. At the same time, we should also know more about the cost, so as to better control the cost and provide more guarantee for subsequent profits.

When selecting mold processing suppliers, we should not only pay attention to the above points, but also know more about their own project management and control ability. For a manufacturing enterprise, mold is the key to the smooth production and use of subsequent products. Once the management of mold processing and production is not in place, there will be errors, which will easily lead to the collapse of the whole production chain.



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