These works of injection mold should also be well done

Injection mold is an important work for various mold manufacturers, and can be used in many industries. However, it is not just that there is nothing to do after the mold is injected. It is also necessary to maintain the mold at ordinary times. Today, what we bring you is how to maintain the mold.

First of all, the injection mold manufacturer shall provide an information card for each sub mold to record its use, maintenance and damage in detail, including cleaning, lubrication and rust prevention, so that the staff can quickly understand which parts or components have been damaged. This method has the advantages of no wear and tear, which can provide an information basis for later discovery and solution of problems, and can also record the mold materials, process parameters, etc, So as to shorten the test run time and improve the work efficiency.

Secondly, in the case of the injection molding machine and the normal operation of the mold, the injection mold manufacturer tests the mold, and finally molds the various properties of the measured dimensions of the plastic parts. In this way, the current state of the mold can be determined to determine the degree of damage to the mold and the necessity of the repair measures by finding the causes such as the cooling system and the damaged profiles.

Then, pay attention to the surface maintenance of the mold. Its surface quality directly affects the surface quality of products. The key is to do a good job in various rust prevention work, and select high-quality, appropriate and professional rust preventive oil. If rust spots are found due to injection corrosion, they should be polished with a grinder first, and then coated with antirust oil.

When maintaining the injection mold, you can refer to the above, but do not use hardware such as steel bars or steel wires to clean the remaining injection molding, so that its surface is easy to scratch. At the same time, the injection mold manufacturer shall carry out follow-up inspection on several important parts, and if problems are found, they shall be handled in a timely manner.




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