To standardize the management of mold factory

(1) Standardized management of product and drawing data

Effective management can ensure the comprehensiveness and consistency of data, and make the data share and query effectively. To prevent problems caused by data inconsistency and drawing non-standard from being found and corrected in time, resulting in rework and maintenance of the mold, increasing the manufacturing cost of the mold, and affecting the delivery time

(2) Establish the company’s own quality inspection mold department, standardize various inspection methods. Get rid of fluke. Strengthen the sense of responsibility of design and operators. Reduce the damage caused by carelessness

(3) Improve the communication and supervision between departments such as “customer market engineering procurement manufacturing warehouse injection molding”, fully understand the mold technical requirements and suggestions of customers, record and summarize the requirements and timely and accurately convey them to all departments to avoid repetition, so as to save mold costs and sample delivery time.

Injection mould

For each customer, it is necessary to establish a folder of customer business information and share it among all departments of the company, so as to improve the service level to customers and reduce errors. Follow up and supervise the production of each mold project, arrange mold test, follow-up of relevant materials, confirmation of test samples, sample delivery, arrange mold routing, etc.


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