What abnormal problems will injection mold encounter

As we all know, all kinds of tools and products used in our daily production and life, from transportation to buttons and the shell of various household appliances, are closely related to the customization of injection mold. The shape of the mold determines the shape of the product, and the processing quality and precision of the mold also determine the quality of these products. But do you know what abnormal problems often occur in PC injection mold products? So what are the specific problems today? And teach you how to solve it.

The common problems of PC injection molds are shrinkage, gas grain lack of glue and so on. In this case, when the mold is used to produce the shell, it is necessary to find a better PC machine. For example, domestic brands are more suitable for the production of mold and shell because of their high stability. The gun barrel uses high-temperature resistant materials to adjust the machine to a more stable state. During the debugging process, the parameters required for the PC shell will be recorded, and the PC shell will be produced according to the parameters later. Of course, some products are not so easy to debug and shrink. This method is to slightly adjust the glue content to 90%, and then slightly increase the pressure to 120%, so that the products of PC injection mold will not shrink.

Injection mold is a tool for producing plastic products. It is composed of several groups of parts. The product is clamped on the injection molding machine by the mold. The molten plastic is injected into the mold cavity and cooled and shaped in the cavity. Then the front and rear molds are separated to push the product out of the mold from the mold cavity. Because this process is cyclic, the closing of the mold means the beginning of the next injection molding.



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