What are the aesthetic applications in the product design of beauty instrument injection molding production company?

Only when modern products have good quality characteristics can they meet the increasing aesthetic requirements of consumers. For the product design of beauty instrument injection molding company, it has always been our pursuit and goal to present products to customers in a more beautiful attitude.


Therefore, when designing products, our designers integrate the content and processing methods of aesthetic art into the whole product creation, and comprehensively reflect the physical beauty, linear beauty and color beauty of products by using materials, structure and technology.

The main applied aesthetic laws are as follows:

1、 Proportion and scale of products

The shape design of injection molding products of beauty instruments needs appropriate proportion and reasonable scale. For example, when designing a beauty product for our customers, we learned that the consumer group using the product is women. Therefore, when designing the product scale, its length is generally between 150-170mm and its width is about 40mm. Such a scale is more suitable for girls to master.

Silicone roller massage instrument – customized massage instrument

2、 Aesthetic law of unity and change

This means that the same element or morphological feature appears many times in the same product, which is consistent and gives people a sense of tranquility.

The unification of injection molding products of beauty instruments is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Unification of product function and form

Most products appear in a round shape without the sharp sense of edges and corners, which makes people look more comfortable at a glance.

2. The proportion and scale of products are relatively uniform

The ratio of length to width is unified in the shell and internal structure, giving people a sense of coordination.

3. Unification of product linear style

The whole product is outlined with relatively soft arc lines, without other strange styles, and the overall style is unified.

4. Unification of product color effect

The colors of the products are unified into dark or bright colors, so that the overall feeling is that the color is more pleasing to the eye and will not be contrary to the feeling.

5. Unity of product texture

The surface is all smooth or frosted so that it doesn’t look abrupt.

Generation processing of firming massage instrument

The aesthetic application methods in the product design of beauty instrument injection molding production company are shared here. If you want to know more information, you can log in to the official website of Dj molding, where there are more beauty instrument design cases for your reference, and look forward to your visit!



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