What are the bases for evaluating the economic and technical indicators of molds

The level of mold technology is ultimately reflected in mold manufacturing cycle, mold service life, mold accuracy and stiffness, mold manufacturing cost, mold standardization and other aspects, which are also the basis for evaluating mold economic and technical indicators.

Mold manufacturing cycle: mold manufacturing cycle reflects the production technology level and organization management level of mold enterprises. Try to shorten the mold manufacturing cycle when manufacturing the mold. At present, in order to shorten the mold manufacturing cycle, the method of computer-aided mold design and NC machine tool processing technology are adopted. Using these methods to design and manufacture various molds can shorten the mold manufacturing cycle by more than 60%.

Mold service life: providing mold service life is a comprehensive technical problem. At present, in addition to making efforts to study and correctly select the steel used in the mold to improve the service life of the mold, it is also necessary to improve and improve the mold structure design, manufacturing process method, commissioning equipment, heat treatment process, lubrication conditions during the use of the mold, cooling mode, accuracy and maintenance of the application equipment, blank condition, etc.

Precision and rigidity of the mold: the mold precision can be divided into the precision required by the mold parts (i.e. the precision of forming concave and convex dies, cavities, etc.) and the precision required to give full play to the overall efficiency of the mold, such as the parallelism, perpendicularity, positioning and guide fitting of the surface. The machining accuracy is limited by the machining method and the accuracy of the machining equipment. Generally speaking, the die accuracy mainly refers to the dimensional accuracy of the formed die, punch and cavity, which includes static and dynamic accuracy.

For high-speed stamping dies, large-scale stamping forming dies and precision plastic dies, not only their high precision is required, but also they can have enough rigidity without deformation under high load working conditions.

Mold manufacturing cost: when various technical indicators are met, the lower the mold manufacturing cost is, the higher the mold technology level is. This requires that in addition to reasonably selecting mold materials, we should strive to reduce processing hours and save various expenses.

Degree of mold Standardization: mold standardization is an important measure for specialized production, as well as an important measure to systematically improve labor productivity, product quality and past management. Only by continuously expanding the standardized application scope of molds and organizing specialized production can we fully meet the needs of users and make molds freely purchased and sold in the market like commodities.



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