What are the causes of product cracking in precision injection molding

For precision injection molding, sometimes in the injection molding, the cause of cracking of injection molding parts will be found, and the final result is the scrap of injection products. So what are the reasons for the cracking of precision injection molding? Injection molding manufacturers to share.


1、 Precision injection mold

1. The ejection should be balanced, such as enough ejector rod number and cross-sectional area, so as to prevent the injection molding parts from cracking due to the concentration of residual stress caused by external force

2. Try to use less metal inserts to prevent the increase of internal stress caused by different shrinkage rates between inserts and products

3. The sprue is enough to demould the sprue before curing, so it is easy to demould

2、 Plastic raw materials

1. The high content of recycled materials leads to the low strength of parts

2. The humidity is too high, causing some plastics to react with water vapor, reducing the strength and cracking

3. The material itself is not suitable for the environment being processed or the quality is poor, and it will cause cracking if it is polluted

3、 Injection molding processing

1. During precision injection molding, excessive pressure, high speed and long holding time will lead to excessive internal stress and cracking of injection molded parts

2. Properly adjust the injection mold temperature to make the parts easy to demould, and properly adjust the material temperature to prevent decomposition

3. Appropriate use of release agent, pay attention to often eliminate the mold surface attached to the mist and other substances

The above three elements of injection mold, plastic raw materials, injection molding processing process will make the precision injection molding process in the process of cracking, so in the process of injection molding, injection molding operators need to pay attention to this problem.


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