What are the main applications of injection mold processing

Injection mold is a compact tool, which is irregular in shape and bears the expansion force of the blank. Therefore, there are high requirements for structural strength, stiffness, hardness, roughness and machining accuracy. The increase of injection mold is one of the most important symbols of the degree of mechanical manufacturing.

After a long time of operation, the injection mold needs to be polished, and the polished edge must be demagnetized without magnetism, otherwise it is easy to cause blockage. The company shall make detailed records, make statistics on its operation, maintenance (lubrication, cleaning, rust prevention) and damaged environment, and provide information according to damaged parts and wear degree for searching and application. solve the problem. Use data, molding process parameters and materials used for products to shorten the trial run time of injection mold and improve cross production efficiency.

The combined plastic mold is formed by continuous compression molding, extrusion molding, injection molding, blow molding and low foaming. The plastic mold design mainly includes the cavity combined with the die base plate, the die assembly and the die combination card.

The female die is a male die with a highly variable core, which is composed of a male die combination substrate, a male die component, a male die combination card, a cavity cutting component and a side cutting composite plate. The harmonious change of die convex, die and auxiliary molding. A series of problems in the processing of plastic parts with different regional shapes and dimensions can be solved.

In the plastic production, processing and service industry, it can be used together with plastic molding machines to provide complete equipment and accurate tools for the plastic industrial product market.



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