What are the precautions for mold test before processing in injection mold processing plant?

The injection mold processing plant shall increase the mold temperature, select the appropriate mold temperature control machine according to the performance of the raw materials used for the products and the size of the plastic mold, and increase the mold temperature to the temperature required for production. After the mold temperature is increased, the action of each part must be checked again, because the mold clamping phenomenon may be caused by the thermal expansion of steel, so the sliding of each part must be injected to avoid taking over and vibration.


Injection mold trial and mass production in the future, use the same raw materials as much as possible. Do not complete the mold test with secondary materials. If there is a color demand, the color test can be arranged together.

Internal stress and other problems often affect secondary processing. After the plastic mold is tested, the mold shall be processed again when the product is stable. After closing slowly, adjust the clamping pressure and act several times to check whether there is uneven clamping pressure, so as to avoid burrs and mold deformation.


Confirm the mold temperature and the inlet and outlet water temperature of the water pipe. Before injection and after injection of 10 molds and 30 molds, measure the temperature at the inlet and outlet of each water pipe for three times. The temperature difference at the inlet and outlet of each water pipe should be no more than 3 degrees. If there is any difference, immediately check the water flow and whether it is connected incorrectly.


After the above steps are checked by the staff of the injection mold processing plant, reduce the mold closing speed and mold closing pressure, set the travel distance of the safety buckle and ejector, and then adjust the normal mold closing speed. If the limit switch of large stroke is involved, if the limit switch of large stroke is involved, the mold opening stroke shall be adjusted slightly shorter, and the high-speed mold opening action shall be cut off before the large mold opening stroke. This is because the high-speed action stroke is longer than the low-speed one during the whole mold opening stroke during the mold loading of the injection mold. On the injection molding machine, the mechanical ejector rod also needs to act after the full speed mold opening action to avoid the deformation of the ejector plate due to the force on the stripping plate.

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