What are the reasons for material bending in die processing

In the process of mold processing and customization, there may be a series of situations. In fact, one of the phenomena we will face is the bending deformation of injection mold processing. Then, in the whole processing process, in addition to considering the final requirements or installation, we should also consider the performance of tooling and equipment. In this case, it is necessary to consider more injection mold processing processes. Why is there bending during mold processing?


In the process of tooling customization, basically, if this happens, it may be that the position of the door is improper or the quantity is insufficient, or the position of the top product may be uneven.

2、 Technique

When more technical aspects of elements can be considered, such as particularly high temperature in the longitudinal line, or particularly high injection pressure in mold processing customization will be considered. There are other injections in this case, too, with relatively long holding time and short cooling time. Basically, good manufacturers will bring us more protection in the process of processing. From the existing situation, if we really want to implement custom processing, we must consider additional processing problems. To a certain extent, these actual processing processes take into account this situation, more powerful processing systems and processing equipment, so it can continue to be applicable.

3、 Raw materials

When all raw materials are actually processed, they will affect some final cleanliness and lead to the deformation of the whole product. When the raw materials are reworked, if they are not clean enough, or the cleanliness is different in the process of mold processing and customization, there will be some errors in the processing process. Even if the product is small, it will have a series of effects on the raw processing. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the cleanliness of raw materials for the follow-up of the whole processing, Because often these small errors will determine the final success or failure of the whole mold processing.

4、 Product design

Each product has its own design style when designing molds. For example, different molds have different requirements during processing, so their product design requirements are different. However, different product designs have different requirements during processing, so the thickness of product processing or overall and local design will be different. Therefore, it is reasonable to highlight the change of thickness, so in this case, Consider the structure of the product.

In the process of inter custom mold, considering some existing cases, if it is to be processed, it can be divided into various plastics to be processed, because different mold processing times are required for different materials, so that the protection results for the final processing are different. Of course, once the mold processing time is completely deformed, it is necessary to organize the first time, reduce it to a reasonable size, and then finally process, Reduce the possibility of thermal decomposition.

Through the above, we consider the actual situation in the process of mold processing. When bending and deformation, we must first adjust it to achieve a reasonable processing state.



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