What are the ways to reduce the cost of injection molding?

There are two main areas where injection molding costs can be reduced: investment costs (such as mold production) and part costs. Next, we will share how to reduce the cost of injection molding.

1. High efficiency mold design: high efficiency mold design can make parts as easy as possible to produce, package and realize, while Zui greatly reduces errors. This means following the design Zui principles, such as adding a proper draft angle (or taper) to the part to facilitate demoulding, filleting, keeping the wall thick enough, and generally taking full advantage of the working principle of the forming process when designing the product. With efficient mold design, your overall cycle time will be reduced, which reduces the running time of the machine, and reduces the number of scrapped parts due to production or pop-up errors, thus saving time and materials.

2. Analysis of structure requirements: before putting into production, you can carefully analyze the structure of parts to determine which structure is the key to its function and quality. In general, these types of design changes can improve the structural integrity of parts and make them easier to produce.

3. Reduce the area of solid parts: reduce the area of solid parts through careful design and placement of support components, and use more hollow parts, which can bring you huge profits. For example, when designing gusset plates instead of solid inner walls, the amount of resin used is much less, which can save a lot of initial material investment.

4. Try to use simple cavity design as much as possible: the design and configuration of the mold may have a great difference in the efficiency and cost of the mold production and parts production process. Its design complexity is greatly reduced, and the error range is also small.

5. Make the material suitable for your part requirements: unless you want to design parts for extreme environment or special grade use, there is no limit to the material selection. Choosing a low-cost material that still meets your needs is a simple and effective way to reduce overall costs. A simple analysis of product use, quality requirements and target market can help you choose the materials that are suitable for your price.

6. Simplify mold design as much as possible: we mentioned the design to improve production efficiency above, which is a similar but different place. When simplifying product design and eliminating any unnecessary elements, we can get the saving of mold cost, setting and production efficiency. Unless necessary, the part surface treatment with texturing or other customized methods shall not be designed in the mold, and other surface treatment shall also be avoided, unless they are inseparable from the function and purpose of the product.


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