What can be done well in mold injection to prevent problems before they occur

Injection mold is a craft, which can be divided into thermosetting and thermoplastic. According to the molding process, it can be divided into six types. Injection molding mainly refers to the production and processing of some materials with complex shapes. It mainly refers to the introduction of melted plastic into the material with an injection molding machine, and finally cooling and molding. However, in this process, some accidents may occur. In order to avoid accidents, we should do the following.

1: During the working hours of the plastic mold, employees cannot wear slippers. If the workshop has a number, iron objects will crush the feet to prevent the floor from slipping and falling. The upper and lower molds, technicians and foremen must wear protective shoes before going to work to prevent bruises.

2: When using the blade, the plastic mold manufacturing staff must make sure that the blade is facing outward, not towards themselves, to prevent accidental injury.

3: All employees shall not wear long hair at work, and women with long hair shall tie their hair together. Do not wear a long pendant on your chest to avoid other accidents.

4: If the employee finds the machine is abnormal, he/she should find a technician to deal with it in a timely manner. Do not disturb the machine, such as cutting off water, sticking the mold, no product, etc. Do not put your hand and head into the mold to prevent the machine from failing and pressing on your hand.

5: Always check the two-way switch when an employee is in a vertical machine. Only one switch is not clamped properly. It is abnormal to press a switch to close the mold. When the horizontal machine is opened, the front door will be closed and the mold will be abnormal.

6: When employees are on the machine, they must put the release agent on the table to prevent high temperature. It is strictly forbidden to put it on the machine. Lighters shall not be used during spraying. It is forbidden to use white oil and alcohol in the injection molding department. Some products require white oil and alcohol. Special areas (with special fire extinguishers) must be designated. The area shall be separated from the engine base and inflammable and explosive articles, and the use of white oil and alcohol (placed on the fixed shelf that is not easy to ignite) shall be restricted. The area and boundary shall be determined by the Supervisor and reported by the General Assistant to the Manager for approval and supervision.



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