What do you know about the driving mode of injection mold

The products processed by injection mold have long been seen everywhere in our lives, but in fact, many people don’t know much about injection mold processing. This article will take you to understand several ways of injection mold processing drive:

The drive and driving force for the processing and movement of injection mold are provided by the power of processing machine tools and equipment through the transmission mechanism.

Electromechanical transmission: for example, punching press, friction press, roll forging machinery, etc., the motor provides power and rotary motion to drive the transmission mechanism, and the sliding block and the moving part of the die are connected to drive the directional movement of the die, and transmit the driving force acting on the die to make the die in the forming process.

Electro hydraulic drive: the injection molding motor drives the hydraulic pump or water pump to generate hydraulic pressure and water pressure. Through the hydraulic transmission and control system of the liquid, it generates a certain rated pressure to drive the hydraulic cylinder or piston connected with the moving parts of the mold (such as the moving mold), so as to drive the moving mold to conduct directional translation movement relative to the fixed mold, and then further compress the material to make the material become a finished product after molding and processing.

Pneumatic molding: it is mainly used for blister and blow molding, that is, when the mold is in a fixed state, the plastic sheet is directly sucked by the air pump and pasted on the surface of the mold to form parts.

In addition, injection mold processing drivers, such as aluminum alloy profiles, plastic profiles, plates or films, are generally used in the extrusion process. The die is fixed on the machine head, and the material is extruded through the mold and moves relative to the mold.


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