What factors affect the price of injection mold?

In the injection mold industry, there is no standard way to calculate the mold price, because now in the injection mold industry, the competitiveness is too great, because some mold suppliers quote the cost price to customers just to make money in subsequent injection molding processing. In fact, without knowing the material, size, acupoints, accuracy, appearance requirements and other parameters of the mold, the price of the injection mold quoted is inaccurate. It’s hard to say, it’s an irresponsible quotation.


So what factors affect the price of injection mold?

1. Material cost (material selection and heat treatment process have a great impact on the price)

2. Mold design: in the process of actual impact on the processing price of existing injection mold, the impact of mold design on the price is also very important, which is mainly to keep the various designs of these molds accurate. If the design work itself is not done well or not done in place, it is very difficult in the process of mold modification, Thus, the labor cost of the die is greatly improved.


3. Mold time: the processing price of the existing injection mold basically has a time impact on different molds. Among them, whether the design of injection mold is reasonable is very important. For example, in a project, the mold has just been designed, and the customer needs to change because of some circumstances. This situation does exist objectively. Generally, such a situation can be accepted if the change is small and does not affect the overall structure of the mold. However, if the shape of the mold products needs to be changed, the mechanism should be added to the mold, and even the mold base should be reordered, this situation is more serious and the cost will be greatly increased.


4. Processing fee (the appearance requirements of the product determine the processing process, and the higher the requirements, the more expensive the processing fee cost)


5. Mold trial fee + transportation fee + profit + VAT (the profit margin of each company is different, and the quotation may have a little deviation)


The above are the influencing factors of injection mold. If you want to know more about injection mold information, you can log in to Dj Mold’s official website, where there are detailed processing case materials for your reference, and look forward to your visit!


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