What factors should injection mold materials have

Do you know the basic principles for selecting materials for injection mold? If you still don’t know, let’s hurry up and have a look with us.

1. Wear resistance

During the plastic deformation of the blank in the die cavity, the blank flows and slides along the surface of the die cavity, causing friction between the surface of the die cavity and the blank. Therefore, the wear resistance of materials is one of the most basic and important properties of dies.

The main factor affecting the wear resistance is hardness. Generally, the higher the hardness of injection mold parts, the less the wear, and the better the wear resistance.

2. Strength and toughness

Most of the research on working environment conditions of dies are very bad, and some of them often bear shock loads with large capacity, which can lead to brittle fracture. In order to prevent sudden brittle fracture of die design parts during operation, the die shall have relatively high strength and toughness.

The toughness of the die mainly depends on the carbon content, grain size and microstructure of the material.

3. Fatigue fracture performance

In the development process of die design, under the long-term influence of cyclic stress, students can often lead to fatigue fracture. Its forms are small energy through repeated impact fatigue fracture, tensile fatigue fracture, contact fatigue fracture and bending fatigue fracture.

The development of the research on the fatigue fracture system of the die mainly depends on its strength, toughness, hardness, and the content of inclusions in the material.

4. High temperature performance

When the working temperature of the injection mold is high, the strength and hardness will decrease, resulting in wear and deformation. Therefore, a certain degree of anti tempering stability is required.

5. Cold and hot fatigue resistance

Some molds are repeatedly heated and cooled during processing, which causes the cavity surface to be pulled and the pressure changes the stress, causing surface cracking and peeling, increasing friction, hindering plastic deformation, reducing dimensional accuracy, and leading to mold failure. Cold and hot fatigue is one of the main failure forms of hot working dies, which should have high cold and hot fatigue resistance.

6. Corrosion resistance

Some injection molds will appear strong corrosive gas after being heated, which will erode the surface of the mold cavity, increase its surface roughness and intensify wear. Therefore, certain corrosion resistance is required.



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