What if injection molding products have black spots?

Huizhou Dj Mold is a manufacturing enterprise integrating R & D, manufacturing and sales. In the ten years of serving domestic and foreign customers, Dj Mold has accumulated rich comprehensive experience in design, development technology, mass production, quality management and other technical disciplines such as machinery, electronics and injection molding product innovation.

As a manufacturer with more than ten years of injection molding experience, we have also encountered many problems in this process. Today we will take an example to tell you what the reason is and how to solve such problems next time or now.

Some transparent plastic parts, white plastic parts or light colored plastic parts in injection molding products often have black spots during injection molding production. I believe some people will feel headache. Why does this phenomenon occur? That is because the plastic decomposes or the combustible volatiles and air in the material decompose and burn under high temperature and high pressure. The combustibles are injected into the plastic cavity with the molten material, showing black spots on the surface of the plastic part.


What should we do when we encounter this problem?

1. Check whether there are black spots in the raw materials, and thoroughly clean the drying bucket.

2. Thoroughly shoot the residual glue, thoroughly clean the material pipe, reduce the melt temperature and reduce the amount of residue.

3. Increase the gate size and reduce the injection speed.


By solving the above problems, in the 10 years of export, few customers complained about the return of products, which also shows that the high standard requirements for the quality of injection molding products of Dj Mold are in line with the standards of customers. If you want to know more about injection molding, you can log in to the official website of Dj Mold. Looking forward to your visit!


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