What information need to be confirmed before the mold is put on the machine?

1. The outer diameter of the positioning ring is in line with the positioning hole of the machine.

2. The maximum opening distance: when the mold is fully opened, the opening distance should be less than the maximum opening distance of the machine. If the opening distance of the mold is greater than the distance of the machine, the shorter outer pull rod can be replaced. However, the shorter outer pull rod of some products can not guarantee the smooth demoulding and even lead to product bumping and other defects.

3. To confirm the maximum and minimum die thickness, the mold height must be greater than the minimum die thickness of the machine before installing the mold.

4. The outer diameter of ejector ejector should be smaller than the inner diameter of ejector hole. The effective length of ejection, that is, the length from the plane of the machine board to the time of complete ejection, should be greater than the distance of ejection when the product is demoulded smoothly. The number and position of ejector pins should be consistent with the mold.

5. The injection nozzle of the mould should be larger than the machine nozzle, and it is better to be larger than 2mm in general. In order to demould the sprue smoothly, the nozzle diameter of the mould is slightly larger than that of the machine nozzle.

8. Metering stroke: the machine has a certain metering stroke. When confirming, the required metering stroke is calculated according to the weight or volume of the product. Generally, it is better to control it at more than 20% and less than 70%. Of course, it can also be produced when it is small or large, but it has a negative impact on both the product and the machine.



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