What is the burning of injection molding products?

Recently, when we were producing an injection molding product, we found that there was often a burning problem. During molding, the surface of the product seems to be burned with fire.

The inspector saw the trial production of more than 10 samples, all of which had such problems, so he asked the technician  to help re debug the machine.

The technician explained that when plastic injection molding products are injected, the air in the mold will be discharged from the exhaust port. At this time, the gas generated by heat dissipation of raw materials will also be sent out from the exhaust port.

This burning is because the exhaust port is blocked or the mold design engineer does not design a reasonable exhaust port, and the gas cannot be discharged. After being compressed, it forms a high temperature, which leads to the burning of the product. Let the mold master test it.

Soon, the mold master repaired the exhaust problem. In this way, the burning problem of plastic injection molding products was solved. If you want to know more about relevant technical knowledge, you can log in to the official website of Djmold, where there are more new developments about Djmold, and look forward to your visit!


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