What is the difference between plastic Mold and injection Mold

Plastic molds and injection molds are molds. There are similarities and differences.

Plastic mold is a combination of plastic mold for compression, extrusion, injection, blow molding and low-foaming molding. It mainly includes a die with variable cavity composed of a die combination board, a concave die assembly and a concave die combination card board, which is composed of a punch combination substrate, a convex die assembly, a punch combination card board, a die assembly and a die combination card board. A punch with a variable core composed of a cavity truncation assembly and a side-cut composite plate. Coordinate change of die punch, die and auxiliary molding system. Can process different shapes, different sizes of plastic parts.

Injection mould is one kind of plastic mould type, plastic mold includes: injection mould, extrusion mold, absorbent mold.Like injection molds are produced, injection plastic materials are used to open the mold and then form the product.The injection mold can also be understood as an empty mold and then a fixed hole in the body, through which the plastic material is injected into the mold, heated at high temperature, molded, opened, and the product is obtained.

Plastic mold has five systems, namely: gating system, temperature regulating system, molding parts system, exhaust system, guiding system and ejection system.The casting system and moulding parts are the parts directly in contact with plastics, which vary with plastics and products. They are the most complex, most changeable parts in plastic moulds and require the highest finish and precision.

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