What is the function of adding toner in injection molding?

Injection molding factory in the production of products, injection molding process, need to add toner, then add the role of toner? What should be paid attention to when adding, so as not to affect the quality of injection parts. Let’s get to know about it with Dj Mold.


1. Why add toner to injection molding

At present, it is widely used in industrial products, and it is the same in injection molded parts. Various colors of toner will be used to ensure the diversification of the color of injection molded parts.

Plastic Toner is a kind of industrial materials, simple to understand, can make a variety of plastic products into any color of goods.

2. How to add injection toner

Before injection molding, the operators of the injection molding factory need ingredients. It is very important to add toner in the ingredients. When adding toner, diffusion oil must also be added, so that the toner will not be pasted on the raw materials and will not fly away when the batching machine rotates. Without diffusion oil, the toner will fly away when the batching machine rotates, which will affect the color of the injection parts.

Injection molding plant – add toner injection parts to the lower cover of electric tools

Especially for precision injection molding parts processing, injection molding production process requirements are very strict, the addition of toner can also ensure in place, so that it will not affect the quality of injection molding products.

In the production process of  injection molding plant, Dj Mold always adheres to the business philosophy of “customer-oriented, quality-oriented, people-oriented, integrity” and strictly controls the product quality in accordance with ISO9001, ISO14001, iatf16949 and other quality management system standards. With high quality, fast delivery and zero return, Dj Mold has won the trust and support of customers.

The above is the injection molding plant in the injection molding to add toner related role of sharing. If you want to know more about the injection molding plant, you can log in to the official website of Dj Mold, where there are detailed technical information for your reference, looking forward to your visit!


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