What is the reason why injection molding is widely used

In daily life, the toys we buy for our children, or bottles, containers and other materials need to use injection molding technology. More products we don’t know are also manufactured and processed by injection molding industry. Why do so many products use injection molding? Because it has several advantages.

1. Suitable for producing precision products

One of the main advantages of plastic injection molding technology is that it can design a complex plastic precision parts and components through easy teaching. Compared with other technology enterprises, it will be found that the development of injection molding has the characteristics of small tolerance. Therefore, it is also used for social production of auto parts.

2. Freely choose from various materials

There are a large number of plastic materials that can be used in the injection molding technology of engineering plastics, such as anti-static, thermal plastics and other chemical resistant adhesives. These materials can color the masterbatch.

3. Reduce manufacturing costs

Injection molding is an automatic process. In fact, most injection molding processes are completed by machines and robots. Because injection molding is purely automated, but automation can reduce the manufacturing cost, so injection molding will indirectly reduce the cost, and at present, the labor force is decreasing, so on the other hand, it will reduce the cost.

4. Fast production mode

Once the injection mold is designed according to the customer’s specifications, the injection molding machine and pre programmed, the actual molding process for producing parts becomes much faster. Therefore, the mold can produce more products, and the high productivity of plastic injection molding has become effective and cost-effective.



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