What is the to reduce the use time of precision mold processing?

What are the factors affecting the service life of precision mold processing? Here, Dj molding has sorted out some contents for you. Come and have a look.

1、 The main factor is corrosion failure. When the mold hardness is high, the corrosion resistance is good. If the die hardness is poor, the corrosion resistance is poor.

2、 Thermal fatigue crack damage failure, injection molding and mold are formed repeatedly under the action of cold and heat to form surface and internal deformation, which involves repeated cyclic thermal stress, tissue damage and loss of toughness, resulting in microcrack appearance and continuous expansion. Once the crack expands and the metal melts, repeated mechanical stress accelerates the expansion of the crack. Therefore, on the one hand, the mold should be preheated. In addition, in the production process, the mold should be kept within the corresponding working temperature range to avoid early cracking failure. At the same time, let the precision mold processing have no problems before production and internal reasons. Due to the actual production, the die failure is mainly thermal fatigue cracking failure.

3、 The broken structure fails. Under the action of pressure, the mold will crack at the weak development. The scribed marks or electric machining marks on the processing and forming surface of the precision mold are not polished, or some fine cracks will appear at the corner clearing of a molding. When there is brittle phase at the grain boundary or the grain is coarse, it is very easy to fracture. Therefore, all scratches and electric machining marks on the working surface of the mold should be polished, even because they are in the main parts of the whole pouring operation.


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