What Needs to be Determined before Plastic Mold Design?

Before designing the plastic mold, we must find out the required plastic parts and production conditions. For this reason, we need to do the following work.


(1) Acceptance of mission documents


The task document for molded plastic parts is usually presented by the designer of the product.


  1. the formal drawing of the specimen is signed, and the grade and transparency of the plastic are specified.
  2. Specifications or technical requirements for plastic parts.

3.Production output.

  1. samples of plastic products.


Usually the mold design task statement is put forward by the plastic parts engineer according to the mold plastic parts task statement. The mold design engineer designs the mold according to the mold plastic parts task statement and mold design task statement.


(2) Collect, analyze and digest the original data to collect and sort out the data of parts design, molding process, molding equipment, machining and special processing for use in designing dies.


(3) Determine the molding method to determine injection, extrusion, or compaction.


(4) Choosing molding equipment according to the type of molding equipment for mold design, must be familiar with the performance of various molding equipment, specifications, characteristics.


For example, the injection mold should be installed on the injection machine. The specifications and performance of injection moulds for different mold users are not the same. So we must master the following aspects: the dimensions and specifications related to the installation of the mold, including the size of the mounting platform, the arrangement and specifications of the mounting screw holes, the minimum closing height of the mold, the opening distance, the distance between the pull rods, the form of the ejector, the clamping method of the mold and the nozzle specifications, and the molding energy. Force-related specifications, specifically mold locking force, injection pressure, injection capacity, plasticizing capacity and injection rate; accessories, including parts taking device, temperature control device, hydraulic or air pressure, etc., but also preliminary estimation of mold size, determine whether the mold can be installed and used on the selected injection machine.

Requirements for productivity and efficiency usually require the service life of the mold, such as the total number of injections. Design engineers can use long life dies or few batches of simple die structures according to user requirements. Take injection as an example, some users also put forward requirements for each injection molding cycle time, at this time the design engineer must according to the injection molding cycle time requirements for a detailed analysis of the mold structure.


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