What problems need to be solved in the design and manufacturing of injection mold?

What problems need to be solved in the design and manufacturing of injection mold? let me show you.

1. Reasonable structure selection: select appropriate molding methods and equipment according to the drawings and technical requirements, and give the structural scheme of injection mold in combination with the plant capacity. In the process, it can be comprehensively discussed and studied in combination with the opinions of relevant parties.

2. Dimensional standard of injection mold molding parts: the molded parts are extremely important, which determines the shape, size and quality of plastic parts. It is usually calculated by the average shrinkage method. If the accuracy requirements are high, it can be calculated by the tolerance zone method.

3. It shall be easy to manufacture: in the design, it shall be as cheap and easy to manufacture as possible.

4. Injection mold parts shall have good wear resistance: good wear resistance means that their service life will not be poor. In the design, it is necessary to put forward necessary requirements for materials, processing methods and heat treatment, and consider how to facilitate adjustment to avoid being unable to replace when parts are damaged.

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