What should we pay attention to when TPE plastic injection molding?

What should we pay attention to when TPE plastic injection molding?

1. TPE plastic injection molding in the process of injection molding, the process and appearance of raw materials need to be checked before TPE molding. Dry the raw materials and determine the water content. Under the condition of high temperature, the moisture content of TPE raw materials is required to be less than 5%, or even 2% ~ 3%. Therefore, vacuum drying oven is commonly used to dry at 75 ℃ ~ 90 ℃ for 2 hours.

2. Plastic injection molding TPE based on SBC is superior to most other TPE raw materials in color. Therefore, only a small amount of color masterbatch is needed to achieve a specific color effect, and the resulting color is more pure than other TPEs. Generally speaking, the viscosity of Color Masterbatch should be lower than that of TPE, because the melt index of TPE is higher than that of Color Masterbatch, which will be conducive to the dispersion process and make the color distribution more uniform.

3. The dried materials shall be properly sealed and stored to prevent the loss of drying effect due to secondary moisture. The loading capacity of the drying hopper is generally 2.5 times of the hourly consumption of the plastic injection molding machine.

4. In the TPE plastic injection molding and processing project, setting the appropriate temperature determines the quality and performance of the finished product. Lower temperature shall be set where raw materials enter the reactor. When the color masterbatch is used, in order to improve the mixing state, the temperature of the transition area should be set above the melting point of the color masterbatch. The temperature of the area closest to the injection nozzle should be set close to the desired melt temperature. The mold temperature should be set as high as the condensation temperature in the injection molding area. A higher mold temperature can improve the appearance of the welding line and products.

5. Black or dark gray materials should be pressed small and thin when shooting empty glue, and the available glue should be recycled together with the nozzle.

6. Stop the machine for no more than 15 minutes during beer TPE, and there is no need to shoot empty glue during beer. When trying injection molding, adjust the glue amount of the beer machine to about the glue amount of the finished product, and shoot the empty glue three times to injection molding.

7. The hopper must be closed before injection molding is enough, mold transfer and shutdown, and the TPE  in the barrel shall be finished until the screw can not be returned

8. When changing TPE material, be sure to dig the material in the bucket.

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