What you want to know about mold processing

If you want to know about mold processing, this article must not be missed. Let’s talk less. Next, let’s learn about the methods of mold processing.

Generally, there are three ways and methods for mold processing: casting, cutting and special processing.

1、 The casting processing methods mainly include zinc alloy casting (applicable to cold stamping die, plastic mold and rubber mold), low melting point alloy casting (applicable to cold stamping die and plastic mold), shore casting method, beryllium copper alloy casting (plastic mold) and synthetic resin casting (applicable to cold stamping die).

2、 The cutting methods mainly include ordinary machine tools (suitable for various mold processing), precision cutting machine tools, profiling milling machines, profiling planers, molding grinding machines, engraving machines, profiling machines and CNC machines.

1. Rough machining process the so-called rough machining process refers to the process in which most of the machining allowance of the enterprise is cut from the workpiece in the production process, so that its shape and size are close to the quality requirements of the finished product. Such as rough turning, rough boring, rough milling, rough planing and drilling, etc., the machining technical accuracy is significantly lower than it11, and the surface roughness Ra is 6.3 μ M rough machining process mainly includes the final machining method used for the development of low-level or non surface matching and the pre machining before finishing in China.

2. Finishing process, the finishing process is to cut off less machining allowance from the rough surface, so that the workpiece can achieve high precision and surface quality. Common machining methods include finishing, fine boring, reaming, grinding, electrical machining and form grinding.

3. Refurbishment processing technology refurbishment processing is to remove a small amount of processing space from the surface of the finished product. In order to obtain parts with higher accuracy and surface quality, this process is generally called the very final process of part processing. Its accuracy and surface quality requirements should meet the requirements of the mold design mode, such as guide column, complete set of guide grinding, and partial polishing. At present, all kinds of molds, from rough machining and fine machining to assembly technology and debugging, have been developed and equipped with various forms, specifications and precision processing equipment, basically realizing mechanized and automatic production.



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