What’s wrong with the poor effect of injection molded products

In the production of some parts or objects with the help of injection molding molds, some products will have unqualified appearance and quality, which is a kind of problem that often occurs in the production process of injection molding. What factors may lead to the poor effect of injection molding products? Now let’s learn about the incentives.

Defects in the shape or quality of injection molded products may be related to the following factors:

1. Physical factors.

When there are bubbles in the finished product after injection molding, it is mostly considered that it is related to the air inside the mold entering the molten material in the mold cavity. In addition, the water vapor or bubbles inside the barrel may also enter the interior of the finished product at any time, causing cost and quality defects.

In the early stage of production, most injection molding products will first form a relatively hard shell, and then conduct later injection molding according to the speed of mold cooling. For some thicker wall areas, the central part has strong viscosity for a long time, while the outer skin has strong anti shrinkage ability. In this way, the final result is that the internal molten material is continuously pulled out, and there are voids in the cost.

2. Abnormal processing parameters.

Too low holding pressure, too short time or too low mold wall temperature may also induce abnormal conditions of finished products.

In fact, injection molding is a commonly used one in many mold processing. Compared with general molds, it can produce more types of products, which can better meet the requirements of different manufacturers for the appearance of finished products. Therefore, for a manufacturer or manufacturer, before purchasing injection molds, they should know more about their products to see whether they can meet their own requirements.



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