Why auxiliary equipment is used in mold processing

Injection mold processing needs various process requirements. In addition to the specified host, it also needs a large number of auxiliary equipment to help complete each processing process. The automation, rationalization and perfection of auxiliary equipment determine the viability of products and enterprises to a certain extent, so auxiliary equipment plays an important role in production.

According to the function, it can be divided into three categories: feeding system equipment, corner waste recycling and temperature control system device. It also plays different functions in the processing process. The feeding system has drying function, temperature control and recycling. Temperature control can be used for cooling, while recycling can reduce the production cost of the enterprise. The feeding system is used in drying, conveying, metering The mixing step also plays an indispensable role. The drying equipment can absorb easily wet materials and pretreat the materials before forming, such as plexiglass, polycarbonate, polyformaldehyde and other processing processes to ensure the quality and dryness.

The heating equipment in injection mold processing mainly refers to the temperature heating controller used for extrusion, injection molding and calendering, such as barrel mold and calendering roll. In modern times, the electric heating mode of heat transfer oil is often used to replace the complex steam heating. The refrigerator is divided into air-cooled type and water-cooled type. The heat exchange capacity of air-cooled type is low, so it is not widely used, while the heat exchange capacity of water-cooled type is large It is widely used because of its good heat exchange effect. We know that the proportion of corner waste in the processing of injection mold is about 5% ~ 20% of the total production. The crushing equipment used for recycling corner materials is different. For example, the granulation crusher equipment can be used for long pipe products, and the waste wire recycling equipment can be pelletizer equipment.



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