Why is the delivery time of injection mold difficult to control?

There are many factors that are difficult to control in the whole production and manufacturing process of injection mold, among which the delivery problem of injection mold is the more difficult point to control, so what causes the difficult control of the delivery of injection mold?

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1. Firstly, the customer’s order information has not been finalized, and the contract and design changes frequently.

2. Injection mold is a customized product, and the delivery time of injection mold is related to the confirmation time of mold drawing. If the confirmation of mold drawing is not timely, the delivery time will be delayed.

3. In special cases, if there are many urgent orders inserted, the normal production order will be disrupted.

4. The supplier’s cooperation and required materials cannot be in place in time. It is also one of the common reasons for delayed delivery.

5. The unreasonable control of injection mold project will also delay the project.

6. Production quality problems, scrap, rework, repair, etc. This will waste a lot of human and material resources and financial resources.

All of the above are important factors that may delay the delivery. We must do a good job in project management and control after receiving the order. Give full consideration to come up with another detailed plan. In the process of production, we should also make plans in time. Do a good job in project planning and believe that the on-time performance of the delivery time of the injection mold factory is greatly improved.



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