Why ISO Compliance Is Important For Injection Molded Plastics Products

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Injection molded plastics are used in a wide range of applications and across many different industries. By using a mold to make the products, the manufacturer can guarantee that each piece is exactly the same as the approved prototype and is able to produce large quantities of the product to client specifications. Injection molding is best suited to orders for mass quantities or orders for small parts because of the high upfront costs of designing a custom mold.

It’s because of these applications for use that you want your manufacturer to be ISO compliant. ISO compliant products are guaranteed to “work” or “fit” with other components of the finished product. With a non-ISO rated system, you don’t have that same guarantee.

The Injection Molded Plastics Process

Injection molding is a manufacturing technique that uses high pressure and temperature to make a material pliable. The materials are usually thermoplastics, which melt easily and hold their shape well. Once these materials are heated, they are forced (or injected) into a mold, which is held at high pressure until the melted material cools and hardens.

Custom-designed steel molds are often used to make the parts, which means the same mold can be used over and over again with no variation to the end result. The entire process can be automated from the feeding of the thermoplastics into the machine to the melting process to feeding the plastic into the mold and releasing the finished product when it has cooled. This automation and ability to duplicate the design make injection molded plastics a very efficient way to mass-produce products. Other advantages of this type of manufacturing process include the wide range of material selection, low labor cost, minimal scrap and little to no need to finish the product after molding.

Some of the earliest items made with this process were plastic combs and buttons. Today the process is used to make parts for cars, furniture and even computers. It is widely used in the medical, aerospace, consumer, toy, plumbing, packaging, automotive and construction industries.

Why ISO Compliance Is Important

Injection molded plastics are used in many products, across many industries and in countries all over the world. This is where ISO compliance becomes important. Manufacturers can become certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This organization develops voluntary standards that are used around the world to help make industries more efficient and effective. Since the criteria are applied internationally, they are helpful in breaking down trade barriers in situations where requirements set by individual countries may not match up and ensuring products from one country will work with products from another country.

Ratings provide assurance that the manufacturing company complies with these established procedures during their production process. It is not easy to obtain certification and many plastics manufacturers choose not to pursue certification since it is voluntary. Finding a manufacturer who does have ISO certification is an important way to safeguard that your order will be made to international standards of quality and portability and shows a commitment by the manufacturer to hold themselves to higher standards.

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