Plastic Injection Molding

Attentions for Hot Runner Technology

Hot runner technology, with its unique technical advantages such as saving cost and shortening molding cycle, has become an important direction in the development of plastic injection molding technology. In Europe and America, most of the injection production relies on hot runner technology, but there are few enterprises in China using this advanced technology. But with the further development of China’s mold industry, this technology will be gradually promoted and widely applied. How to choose the appropriate hot runner […]

How To Make Plastic Injection Molding Competitive In China

Plastic injection molding is one of the most cost effective ways, if not the most cost effective way, to manufacture parts. However there are some factors to consider when you decide whether plastic injection molding in China is a competitive option for you.
The adage “time is money” has been true since recorded history. So considering the time it will take to complete an injection molding run is crucial. An injection molding job can run from 4 to 12 weeks, this doesn’t include […]

Differences Between Double Color Mold and Overmold

Double color mold: two kinds of plastic materials are molded on the same injection molding machine, and are molded in two times, but the products only die once. Generally, this molding process is also called double injection molding, usually by a set of molds, and a special two-color injection molding machine is needed.
Overmold: two kinds of plastic materials do not have to be injected into the same injection machine and are molded in two times. After taking out the […]

Are You Getting All You Can From Your Manufacturing Engineering Services Partner

Plastics In-House Engineering Capabilities
Most manufacturers get components and assemblies from a variety of vendors. It’s not cost-effective to produce these items in-house. However, your vendors don’t have to be just glorified warehouses that provide pieces of your products. A full-featured manufacturing engineering services partner offers not just manufacturing but also engineering design and support.
Manufacturing and Engineering Services
Obviously your first concern with manufacturing engineering services is their ability to manufacture. You need to be sure the company has the capacity […]

Benefits of using hot runner for plastic injection molding

Hot runner system for plastic injection molding saves plastic, shortens molding cycle, reduces production cost and improves efficiency. Hot runner mold is widely used in all developed countries and regions in the world. This is mainly because the hot runner mold has the following notable characteristics:
1, shorten the forming cycle and improve the production efficiency; because there is no restriction of the mainstream and secondary cooling time, the parts can be ejection in time when molding is solidified. Many thin-walled […]

Custom Injection Molding The Perfect Solution For Complex Works

Precision Products Manufactured With Quality Results
Small. Detailed. Intricate. One-of-a-Kind. No matter what term you use to describe these types of jobs, they all have one thing in common: a need for precision. Plastic injection molding  is the solution for high-volume production, but for truly intricate jobs, custom injection molders are also needed. Combining the best qualities of plastic injection molding with custom molds, custom injection molders allow businesses to produce high volumes of unique or intricate components perfectly every time […]

5 Benefits of Cooperating with a Molding Company

When it comes to manufacturing and production, you need to make sure that you are outsourcing your work to the right company. This is going to mean different things to different kinds of companies, but if it is plastic that you need help with, there are a few key components that you are going to want to see. You will want to make sure that you can get a quick turnaround when you need it. You are also going […]

Injection Mold Manufacturing: What you Need to Know

Helpful Information for Injection Molding
Injection mold manufacturing plays a key role in a wide range of production engagements. One of the biggest benefits of this type of process is seamless mass production. Implementing injection mold manufacturing in your output cycle enables your business to replicate an infinite number of the same component in succession and with flawless results.
Beyond granting the ability to mass-produce specific parts/components, injection mold manufacturing also delivers many other benefits. An advantage to using this production […]


Plastic injection molding is one of the most used techniques for producing a high volume of plastic parts. This method relies on a heated barrel and a special mold cavity to create the precise shape and size of different plastic objects. In fact, the majority of the products on the market, if not all, have benefited from plastic injection molding. The process can be used to create products of various kinds and sizes, along with different purposes.
Below are different industries […]

5 Reasons To Consider Two Shot Injection Molding

If you’ve never used two shot injection molding in your organization before, you may assume that it’s a process far too complicated to implement. It’s a common initial assumption for many executives. Fortunately, this isn’t the case. While two shot injection molding does add an additional layer to the manufacturing process, working with an experienced production team can offer your project with impressive results.
Know What You’ll Gain From The Two Shot Injection Process
Of course, moving forward with two shot injection […]