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Injection Mold Manufacturing: What you Need to Know

Helpful Information for Injection Molding
Injection mold manufacturing plays a key role in a wide range of production engagements. One of the biggest benefits of this type of process is seamless mass production. Implementing injection mold manufacturing in your output cycle enables your business to replicate an infinite number of the same component in succession and with flawless results.
Beyond granting the ability to mass-produce specific parts/components, injection mold manufacturing also delivers many other benefits. An advantage to using this production […]

5 Reasons To Consider Two Shot Injection Molding

If you’ve never used two shot injection molding in your organization before, you may assume that it’s a process far too complicated to implement. It’s a common initial assumption for many executives. Fortunately, this isn’t the case. While two shot injection molding does add an additional layer to the manufacturing process, working with an experienced production team can offer your project with impressive results.
Know What You’ll Gain From The Two Shot Injection Process
Of course, moving forward with two shot injection […]


Plastics are very essential compounds in our day to day life. Computer accessories, toys, kitchen utensils and many other household items which we use every day have undergone the molding processes. The molding process is not difficult to understand. In very simple terms, it involves transferring liquid plastic into a mold then allowing it to cool and form the required product.
For instance, plastic molding can be used to make toys. When this is done, molten liquid plastic is inserted […]

Everything You Didn’t Know About Custom Plastic Components

Plastics Manufacturing
In today’s global market, the manufacturing industry has had to continuously evolve with the needs of a worldwide market place. One key area of change? Plastic molding and reproduction.
A cornerstone of many manufacturing endeavors, plastic, once a brittle, hard-to-manipulate material, has (through the introduction of various polymers) transformed into a strong, versatile and flexible product capable of use in a virtually endless litany of industries. From smartphones and computers to cars and medical equipment, today’s custom plastic components have truly […]


PVC material is amorphism material, usually when injection molding the PVC material, it will also add stabilizer, lubricant, antiimpact agent and others. PVC material is with low flammability, high strength .PVC material Chemical and physical prosperity: PVC is the most extensive used plastic material.
Runner and injection gate: all the normal injection gate can use, if the plastic parts is very small, then it will be better to use valve gate or submarine gate, for the large plastic parts with […]

Avoiding Defects In Manufactured Plastic Parts

Quality Manufactured Plastic Components
When you employ a reputable plastics manufacturer, it shows. Unfortunately, when you hire a disreputable manufacturer, it shows more. When hiring a manufacturer, avoiding defects in manufactured plastic parts should be first and foremost on your mind. Here are some tips on how to avoid defects, for a near flawless production run.

These Three Factors Determine The Success Or Failure Of A Production Run:

The processing
The mold
The material

Making sure each of these elements is functional before the molding process […]


Plastic materials is the most significant section of plastic injection molding. However, have you ever thought what is plastic or what made up of plastic?

Practically stated, a plastic is an organic polymer, available in some resin form or some form derived from the basic polymerized resin. These forms can be liquid or paste-like resins for embedding, coating, and adhesive bonding, or solid pellets that they can be molded, laminated, or formed shapes, including sheet, film, or larger-mass bulk shapes.
Plastic […]

Custom Injection Molders

Evaluating A Custom Injection Molder
Ever since its inception, injection molding has become a popular technique to form a variety of different products. Its strengths lie in its ability to recreate objects en masse, producing thousands of replicas based upon a single template. Driven by automation and requiring minimal human guidance or interference to run properly, the technology remains a top choice for any company that seeks massive reproductions.
But how do you know that you’ve found good custom injection molders? […]

Injection Mold Manufacturing

Injection Mold Manufacturing and Plastics Production
As early as the 1860s, people were learning how to make and use plastics. Due to its flexibility when warm and ability to hold a shape when cool, plastic made it easier to create new products. Unfortunately, it was difficult to produce affordable, quality plastics that did not warp or break.
As manufacturers experimented with plastic polymers, small items became easier to produce in greater quantities. But it wasn’t until the 1940s, when demand for large amounts […]

Injection or thermoforming: what’s best choice for custom plastic molding

Custom Plastic Injection Molding
Custom Plastic molding offers a versatile and wide range of applications, from food storage to medical supplies, and beyond. However, the manufacturing of each part or tool is just as unique as the part itself. Two of the most prominent manufacturing methods are injection molding and thermoforming. Here, we’ll highlight how each works, as well as the advantages and best use of each.
As we mentioned, thermoforming and  injection molding are the most widely used manufacturing processes. Both offer […]