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Design and adjust the machine to solve the surface shrinkage of mold plastic products!

We analyzed the following reasons for the surface shrinkage of the customer’s mold plastic products. At the same time, our injection molding technician carefully sorted out the solutions for your reference:
1. The wall thickness of the mold plastic product itself is too thick. This is because the product design is not processed according to the uniform wall thickness. The solution is to modify the product design and repair the mold.
2. The temperature is too high during forming.
The glue thickness […]

The choice of mold materials for Texture is very different

In order to achieve a better appearance effect of the product, the profile will be sun textured during mold processing. As we mentioned earlier, in some application scenarios of sun shading process, different mold materials also have very different effects on sun shading.
Generally, injection mold factories mostly choose NAK80 SKD61 8407 S136 and other profiles. The reason for choosing these profiles is that their processing effect will be better.
Dj Mold reminds you that the inclination of different sun lines […]

Injection mold factory teaches you how to solve the flash of injection molding products

The flash is essentially the excess left on the product after cooling in the gap where the plastic material enters the matching part of the mold. This is a problem that many injection mold factories will encounter. To solve the problem of flash is very simple, that is to control not to let the melt enter the mold fit gap. So how to solve it?
(1) Equipment
In some injection mold factories, the clamping force of machines is insufficient, which is […]

Silicone products foundry keeping up with the times is qualified

There are thousands of silicone products on the market every year, and only a few are really favored by consumers. As a foundry of silicone products, only by keeping up with the times can we accurately control the market demand and make products that fit the preferences of consumers.
The popular trend of a product refers to the standard or potential style on which a certain era, a certain feature, a certain function, a certain group of people and a […]

Plastic injection molding products appear ripple how to do?

When we were making a plastic injection molding product, technician helped slow down the injection molding speed because of the problem of spray lines, which was solved smoothly.
However, after injection molding for a period of time, the bad problem of wavy pattern suddenly appeared. We can only find the technician again and ask if the injection molding speed is too fast?
He smiled and said: just adjusted the injection speed and solved the spray pattern. The problem of wavy pattern […]

Most customers are concerned about the problem. What criteria are used to evaluate the injection molding price?

Everything is worth the price. In the current environment of liberalization of the economic market, the price of any material is only determined by the market, and no one or any unit has the final say to set it up. Take plastic injection molding as an example. Any manufacturer will follow the market rules to calculate, and everyone will be happy if they can maintain a little profit after deducting the basic cost. There will be no more huge […]

Two brothers of injection molding products: TPU and TPR

Speaking of the two major materials in injection molding products: TPU and TPR, I have to mention them. They play an important role in the injection molding industry. So, their TPR materials and silica gel materials have similar hardness and physical properties, and are environmentally friendly soft compounds. What are the differences between them?
Injection molded TPU has a wide hardness range (60ha-85hd), wear resistance, oil resistance, transparency and good elasticity. It is widely used in daily necessities, sporting goods, […]

Injection molding products have black spots how to do?

Some transparent plastic parts, white plastic parts or light colored plastic parts in injection molding products often appear black spots in injection molding. I believe that some people feel headache. Why is this phenomenon? That is because of the decomposition of plastic or combustible volatiles in the material, air, etc. decomposition and combustion under high temperature and high pressure. The combustion material is injected into the plastic cavity with the melt material, and the surface of the plastic parts […]

Plastic mold temperature control

The temperature of plastic mold has a great influence on the quality of product molding, which is one of the three major process conditions of injection molding. For precision injection molding, there is not only the problem of high and low temperature, but also the problem of temperature control accuracy. Obviously, in the process of precision injection molding, if the temperature control is not accurate, the fluidity of plastic melt and the molding performance and shrinkage of the product […]

How to match color of plastic masterbatch

The color matching of plastic color masterbatch is based on the three basic colors of red, yellow and blue, to match the colors that are pleasing, meet the color difference requirements of the color card, economical and can not change color when used after processing. In addition, plastic coloring can also give plastics a variety of functions, such as giving plastics some special functions; Improve the light resistance and weatherability of plastics, such as conductivity, antistatic; Different color agricultural […]