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Do you know the characteristics of mold processing

Mold processing industry is developing rapidly. Now many things are made of mold processing. This article takes you to understand its characteristics.
1. The technical accuracy of mold processing can be high. The mold is generally composed of female mold, male mold and mold base system, and some may also be multi piece assembly design modules. Therefore, the combination of upper and lower dies, the combination of insert and cavity, and the combination between module functions all require high machining […]

Four problems needing attention in mold injection molding

Injection molding is an injection processing method. Compared with other processing methods, injection molding method is faster, more efficient and easier to operate. However, there are several problems that need to be paid attention to. Let’s talk about them now.
1. In order to prepare for the design stage, plastic injection molding processing should first determine what kind of injection molding should be carried out. At the beginning of injection molding, if the customer has a set of drawings designed […]

The quality of finished molds is closely related to the processing mode

1. High machining precision: a pair of molds is generally composed of molds, punches and mold bases, and some can also be multi-piece assembly modules. Therefore, the combination of upper and lower molds, the combination of inserts and cavities and the combination of modules require high machining accuracy, and the dimensional accuracy of precision molds usually reaches level M.
2. Complex shape and surface: some products, such as automobile panels, aircraft parts, toys, household appliances, etc., are composed of a […]

What is the effect of temperature on injection molding

Many people know that injection molding is a very important step in processing a mold, and temperature is the top priority, because the temperature affects the quality of the mold during injection molding. What will be the impact of this temperature?
So what are the disadvantages of high injection processing temperature? How do we deal with the problem of excessive temperature? Now let’s take a brief look.
1. Thermal deformation of the machine: due to small coordination and operation failure, the […]

Mold manufacturing process

Mold manufacturing refers to the processing of forming and parison tools, as well as shear and die-cutting molds. Generally speaking, the die is composed of upper die and lower die. The steel plate is placed between the upper die and the lower die to form the material under the action of the press. When the press is opened, take out the workpiece or corresponding waste determined by the shape of the die. Process planning steps for precision die processing?
Mold […]

What problems need to be solved in the design and manufacturing of injection mold?

What problems need to be solved in the design and manufacturing of injection mold? let me show you.
1. Reasonable structure selection: select appropriate molding methods and equipment according to the drawings and technical requirements, and give the structural scheme of injection mold in combination with the plant capacity. In the process, it can be comprehensively discussed and studied in combination with the opinions of relevant parties.
2. Dimensional standard of injection mold molding parts: the molded parts are extremely important, […]

How does the development of mold technology affect the mold?

The development of mold technology should serve the requirements of “short delivery time”, “high precision”, “good quality” and “low price” of mold products.
Die CAD / CAM / CAE technology is the development direction of die design and manufacturing.
With the development and progress of microcomputer software, the conditions for popularizing CAD / CAM / CAE technology have been basically mature. Enterprises will strengthen CAD / CAM technology training and technical services; Further expand the application scope of CAE technology.
The degree […]

Design and adjust the machine to solve the surface shrinkage of mold plastic products!

We analyzed the following reasons for the surface shrinkage of the customer’s mold plastic products. At the same time, our injection molding technician carefully sorted out the solutions for your reference:
1. The wall thickness of the mold plastic product itself is too thick. This is because the product design is not processed according to the uniform wall thickness. The solution is to modify the product design and repair the mold.
2. The temperature is too high during forming.
The glue thickness […]

The choice of mold materials for Texture is very different

In order to achieve a better appearance effect of the product, the profile will be sun textured during mold processing. As we mentioned earlier, in some application scenarios of sun shading process, different mold materials also have very different effects on sun shading.
Generally, injection mold factories mostly choose NAK80 SKD61 8407 S136 and other profiles. The reason for choosing these profiles is that their processing effect will be better.
Dj Mold reminds you that the inclination of different sun lines […]

Injection mold factory teaches you how to solve the flash of injection molding products

The flash is essentially the excess left on the product after cooling in the gap where the plastic material enters the matching part of the mold. This is a problem that many injection mold factories will encounter. To solve the problem of flash is very simple, that is to control not to let the melt enter the mold fit gap. So how to solve it?
(1) Equipment
In some injection mold factories, the clamping force of machines is insufficient, which is […]