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What if injection molding products have black spots?

Huizhou Dj Mold is a manufacturing enterprise integrating R & D, manufacturing and sales. In the ten years of serving domestic and foreign customers, Dj Mold has accumulated rich comprehensive experience in design, development technology, mass production, quality management and other technical disciplines such as machinery, electronics and injection molding product innovation.
As a manufacturer with more than ten years of injection molding experience, we have also encountered many problems in this process. Today we will take an example to […]

How to improve the service life of molds? Dj Mold, who has more than 10 years of experience in over mold in the industry, tells you!

No matter what object has a certain service life, the glue coated mold is no exception. When it is used to a certain extent, the glue coated mold will fail and need to be opened to produce a new mold. The service life of the glue coated mold is affected by many factors. Only over mold factory with a complete understanding of these factors can suit the remedy to the case and produce a mold with a longer service […]

Do injection molding manufacturers really attract customers only by price?

In the ten years of serving customers at home and abroad, Huizhou Dj Mold has accumulated rich comprehensive experience in design, development technology, mass production, quality management and other technical disciplines such as machinery, electronics and product innovation. It has an experienced R & D team and a group of strong engineering and technical personnel, Provide a solid guarantee for product design innovation and development. Accurately control the detailed cost of the production process, and achieve higher cost performance […]

How to solve the lack of glue in injection molding products?

Many injection molding plants have encountered the problem of lack of glue in plastic open mold injection molding products. The elegant name is insufficient filling.
It means that the material cannot completely fill the formed product. The direct result is that we can’t get the shape products we need. Generally speaking, this is due to the insufficient fluidity of raw materials and the insufficient calculation of the amount of glue filled in the product.
But we encountered a very troublesome situation […]

Foresight of mold design in Dongguan injection mold factory

As a mold designer of Dongguan injection mold factory, we must have foresight in design: list all possible mold problems, and then make foresight mold products with reference to past design ideas.
The mold designers of Dongguan injection mold factory fully consider the product structure and assembly. At the same time, they also need to consider the product demoulding, waterway layout, gate distribution, etc. the following will briefly introduce the design points of the product’s ribs, buckles, nut holes and […]

Design and adjust the machine to solve the surface shrinkage of mold plastic products!

We analyzed the following reasons for the surface shrinkage of the customer’s mold plastic products. At the same time, our injection molding technician carefully sorted out the solutions for your reference:
1. The wall thickness of the mold plastic product itself is too thick. This is because the product design is not processed according to the uniform wall thickness. The solution is to modify the product design and repair the mold.
2. The temperature is too high during forming.
The glue thickness […]

What should we pay attention to when TPE plastic injection molding?

What should we pay attention to when TPE plastic injection molding?
1. TPE plastic injection molding in the process of injection molding, the process and appearance of raw materials need to be checked before TPE molding. Dry the raw materials and determine the water content. Under the condition of high temperature, the moisture content of TPE raw materials is required to be less than 5%, or even 2% ~ 3%. Therefore, vacuum drying oven is commonly used to dry at […]

The choice of mold materials for Texture is very different

In order to achieve a better appearance effect of the product, the profile will be sun textured during mold processing. As we mentioned earlier, in some application scenarios of sun shading process, different mold materials also have very different effects on sun shading.
Generally, injection mold factories mostly choose NAK80 SKD61 8407 S136 and other profiles. The reason for choosing these profiles is that their processing effect will be better.
Dj Mold reminds you that the inclination of different sun lines […]

Injection mold factory teaches you how to solve the flash of injection molding products

The flash is essentially the excess left on the product after cooling in the gap where the plastic material enters the matching part of the mold. This is a problem that many injection mold factories will encounter. To solve the problem of flash is very simple, that is to control not to let the melt enter the mold fit gap. So how to solve it?
(1) Equipment
In some injection mold factories, the clamping force of machines is insufficient, which is […]

How do general injection molding factories solve the problem of product pitting?

Many technicians of injection molding products factories will find that sometimes there are many pits on the surface of injection molded products when plastic products are processed and injected. Different from the impurity problem of black spots, pitting mainly produces many pits on the product surface.
It has a great impact on the appearance. The inspectors of the injection molding product factory should know that it is difficult for customers to accept such products with appearance problems.
We consulted technician and […]