Introduction to mold processing

In a short period of time, develop a time-consuming process procedure, be familiar with the technical level of machine tools and equipment, and have a good understanding of mold processing technology, meet the requirements of the complexity and particularity of mold processing parts, quickly confirm good processing technology, improve processing efficiency, and confirm reasonable small machining allowance.

Necessary machining allowance shall be reserved between each operation to reduce the processing time of each operation. Because most of the mold parts are single pieces and small batches, the process cards cannot be as detailed as batch products, but we should try to be clear at a glance without omission. For key processes, clear processing precautions should be given and operation instructions should be written to reduce the habit time of operators and reduce processing errors.

For the needs of processing fixtures and measuring tools, assistance should be planned and prepared in advance. A reasonable, good process planning and reasonable heat treatment process provide preparation. The very strict requirements for heat treatment of molds, punches, and other key parts of the fixed plate. At the beginning, the organization was annealed to improve the processability. After quenching, the stress and deformation were eliminated.

The division of strict distinction between rough and fine processing and fine processing is determined by different heat treatment technologies, and most processing enterprises after final heat treatment adopt fine processing. The allowance shall be improved as much as possible and organized to be completed by students in the rough machining stage, so as to reduce the tool loss and the electrode and electrode wire loss of electric machining.



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