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Acquaintance of Plastic Injection Mold

In daily life, plastic products are ubiquitous, and the requirements for plastic products are becoming higher and higher, including material, shape and so on.

How do we make plastic products? There is one way for injection molded plastic products, where the most important part includes the design and development, injection mold, injection materials, the following will be for injection mold this aspect of a brief introduction.
First, what is mold? Mold is a model, according to the model to make products, […]

Analysis of Four Important Parts for Mold Heating

In order to make the mold manufacturing reflect the exquisite workpieces, we will heat the mold, not only to improve the precision of the mold, but also to improve the quality and precision of the work. The following are four important links for the mold heating shared by you, and hope to help the development of the workpiece.

Forging process. This is an important part in the manufacturing process of die parts. For the die of high alloy tool steel, […]

High-Quality Injection Moulded & 3D Printed Optical Frames On The Horizon

Many brands were showcased at the recent Shanghai Optical Fair and it is safe to say that injection moulding and 3D printing look to be the manufacturing methods of the future, as opposed to the original production techniques using cellulose acetate, where frame shapes are cut from pieces of acetate and then bonded together to create multiple layers. While such production can still be cheap, especially for mono-colour frames, this is not the case for difficult designs with multiple colours and a technique that could combine […]

Three Development Trends of Automobile Mold Technology

First, digital mold technology has become the mainstream direction.
The rapid development of digital mold technology in recent years is an effective way to solve many problems in the development of automotive mold.
mold making
The so-called digital mold technology is the application of computer technology or computer-aided technology CAX in the mold design and manufacturing process. Successful experiences of applying computer-aided technology in automotive die and mould enterprises at home and abroad are summarized. Digital automotive mold and mould technology mainly includes the […]

Six Categories of Plastic Molds

Plastic mold is a tool for plastic processing industry and plastic molding machine, giving plastic products complete configuration and precise size. According to the different molding methods, we can divide the plastic mold with different process requirements, including injection molding mold, extrusion mold, blowing mold and so on.

Plastic injection mold

It is mainly a molding mold used most widely in the production of thermoplastic plastic parts. The corresponding processing equipment for plastic injection molding is plastic injection molding machine. The plastic […]

Six Common Polishing Methods for Plastic Mold

here are two main purposes for polishing the mold, one is to increase the brightness and beauty of the plastic mold. The two is to make the die easy to die out. In the process of polishing, crude oil stone is used for rough grinding of the machined mold cavity surface, grinding to the tool mark, and then using the fine oil stone to get the coarse oil stone to reach the trace, then the fine sand paper is […]

Services of 3D Prototyping in China

China being the Asia’s largest financial hub is also one of the biggest makers of the plastic items and the plastic itself. Read further for details with respect to plastic prototyping China.
Plastic is the standard component utilized as a part of the manufacturing of different commercial and household items. Plastic has the lower melting point when contrasted with the metals and other elements.
The lower melting point of plastic makes it easier to transform it into wanted shape and forms as required. […]

Different Kinds of Rapid Prototyping China Techniques

Different types of Rapid Prototyping China processes are used by the professionals to create prototypes that the manufacturers can use to analyze a product’s design before its final products. With Rapid Prototyping China, the professionals can create a prototype within few hours instead of few days. It used CAD data and 3D printing to create prototypes for a product or component. A number of rapid prototyping forms are available to choose as per your needs.
Production of final product with accuracy […]

What Is Plastic Injection Mold

Plastic injection mold is a mold used to form parts of thermoplastic products. Its forming features: after the plastic is heated to the flow state in the injection molding machine barrel, the closed mold is used to pass the viscous plastic in the barrel through the machine nozzle with high pressure element, and it is injected into the mold and enters the mold cavity through the pouring system and fills the mold cavity. The product is then molded by […]

China Mould Brand Is Becoming The International Mainstream

In recent years, China’s mould manufacturing industry has been developing and improving, and in some respects it has been able to compete with foreign manufacturers. In addition, the production cost of mould in China is much lower than that of foreign countries. In recent years, our country not only reduces the import of mould, but also opens up the export market, and exports more and better products to foreign countries.

It is reported that China is a superpower of die casting, and the […]