Differences between hard mould & soft mould

Differences between hard mould & soft mould,

Soft mould (non-silicone mold) is a mould made of NAK80 and other steel materials. The core of this material is usually pre-hardened and can be machined directly, without heat treatment after processing, so it can be put into production directly. Hard mould means that the core material of the die frame is annealed before machining, and then heat treated after machining, and then reformed by electro processing after heat treatment.

The following is a comparison of the cost, process and life of the product in the process of starting the mould


Contrast item


Soft mould


Hard mould


Price of die carrier






Price of mould core


Depending on the size of the product, there is a difference of several hundred to two thousand for the core material


Processing technology and working procedure


Finish cut (CNC & Electric spark)


Rough finish (CNC Quenching heat treatment hardening & Electric spark)


Follow-up treatment(polishing or Etching-stripe






Time for mould making

rough finish, the hard molding need 1-2 days;

heat treatment, Soft moldings are 5-8 days less than hard ones.

total about 10 days.


Accuracy of the molding








Less procedure


Complicated procedure


Life span





Frequency and cost of mold repair Will have rag and burr after producing thousands pieces, need repair the molding almost not need to repair the molding


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