Basic requirements for design and manufacture of automobile mould

In modern society, automobile has become an important means of transportation for people to travel. Its quality not only affects people’s travel quality, but also directly affects people’s life and property safety. Generally, the service life of automobile mould is 600000 to 800000 times. In the process of automobile mold design and production, we should not only meet the technological requirements of automobile body parts, but also pay attention to the application of mechanical equipment, transportation mode, mold installation and waste disposal in the design and manufacturing process. The following five points should be considered in the design and manufacture of automobile mould:

(1) price. In the process of design and manufacture of automobile mould, the first factor to be considered is the price of automobile mould, which will affect the sales of products.

(2) quality. The safety factor of automobile is usually determined by the mould of automobile parts, so the quality of the mould of automobile parts will directly affect the quality of products.

(3) humanization. In the process of automobile design and customization, humanization is also an important factor to be considered, and its maintenance and repair should be paid attention to. For those parts with high replacement frequency, higher standards should be set in the design process, which is very beneficial for both the supplier and the procurement.

(4) materials. Alloy steel or alloy cast iron is usually used.

(5) accuracy. In die production, the accuracy will directly affect the fit degree between parts after die assembly and the consistency of die clearance.


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