Raw material purchasing process of plastic mold

In order to maintain stable quality and high production life of plastic mold, the importance of steel quality is self-evident. The quality of steel directly affects the life of plastic mold. Therefore, when selecting plastic mold steel, we need to consider the mold steel suitable for customers’ needs.

In general, if the customer requires a high output of the product, it is necessary to select the steel material with high hardness, otherwise it is easy to wear and the injection product is easy to exceed the tolerance. But if the customer is just a test model, only for the test market, it does not need mass production. Then the choice of steel material is not as strict as that in mass production.

Precision injection mold factory

JasonMould has more than ten years of mold manufacturing experience, so how do they purchase steel materials?

1) According to the production needs of customers, select the suitable steel or the steel designated by customers.

2) Design the BOM and give it to the buyer.

3) Purchase according to the required materials, send the corresponding raw material supplier quotation.

4) After quotation, check the size, quantity and price of die steel carefully.

5) The information is correct. Place an order.

6) Only when the material is returned and sent to the quality department for quality inspection and the inspection is qualified, can the NC machining be started.


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