Specific requirements for injection mold maintenance

1. When replacing mold parts, recognize that the parts to be replaced are qualified;

2. Each component shall be gently knocked and slowly pressed during disassembly and installation;

3. During the installation of die inserts, the cooperative gap shall be recognized as qualified;

4. Prevent the surface of parts from warping, scratching, pits, dross, deformity, rust and other conditions;

5. If any parts are replaced, communicate and acknowledge with the mold design department in time. Pay attention to the balance of each part before and after disassembling the mold;

6. If there are parts to be replaced, it is necessary to replace them in time.

Precautions for maintenance of injection mold

1. During the maintenance of injection mold, it is required to view the parts according to the drawings. Even if there is no special instruction, you should check it when warehousing;

2. It is not allowed to modify the dimensions of mold parts that do not meet the rules of the drawing without permission, and it is not allowed to use cushion blocks or gaskets for additional piercing, etc;

3. For mold maintenance after the completion of production order, it is necessary to refer to the problem points supplied by the production part, the records of the production part and the final products;

4. In case of major problems found during mold maintenance, immediately report to the superior supervisor and wait for instructions.



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