Standards for mirror polishing of mold, methods and precautions for mold polishing

Polishing is a very important process in the process of making plastic molds. Generally, it is a process of polishing the mold cavity surface with oilstone, sandpaper, polishing paste, etc., so that the working surface of the mold can be as bright as a mirror.
Mold polishing can make the surface of the product smooth and beautiful. In addition, it can make the product easier to demould on the mold.
The standards for mirror polishing of molds are divided into four levels:
A0=Ra0.008 μ m
A1=Ra0.016 μ m
A3=Ra0.032 μ m
A4=Ra0.063 μ m
1. mold polishing method
For mold polishing, do not use the finest oilstone, sandpaper and polishing paste at the beginning. In that way, the rough lines cannot be thrown away. The polished surface looks very bright, but the rough lines appear when the side is illuminated. Therefore, it is necessary to polish with coarse oilstone, sandpaper or abrasive polishing paste first, then replace with fine oilstone, sandpaper or abrasive polishing paste for polishing, and finally polish with the finest abrasive polishing paste.
This seems to be a lot of trouble. There are many processes. In fact, it is not slow. One process after another, polish the rough processing lines in front, and then carry out the following processes without rework. Once you walk down, you can make the smoothness of the mold meet the requirements.

Generally, rough oilstone is used to roughly polish the machined mold cavity surface, remove the tool mark of machine and tool, then fine oilstone is used to polish the rough oilstone to reach the mark, and then fine sandpaper is used to polish the polished surface of fine oilstone. Finally, polishing paste or grinding paste is used to finish polishing and polishing the mold cavity surface, so as to achieve the effect of bright as a mirror. This is generally the whole process of polishing the mold.
Of course, if possible, you can use an ultrasonic polishing machine to polish the mold, which is more efficient and saves people effort.
2. pay attention to the following points when polishing with sandpaper
(1) Polishing with sandpaper requires the use of soft wooden or bamboo sticks. When polishing a circular surface or a spherical surface, the use of a cork rod can better match the radian of the circular surface and the spherical surface. The harder wood, like cherry wood, is more suitable for polishing the flat surface. Trim the end of the wooden strip so that it can keep consistent with the surface shape of the steel part, so as to avoid the sharp angle of the wooden strip (or bamboo strip) contacting the surface of the steel part and causing deep scratches.
(2) When different types of sandpaper are used, the polishing direction should be changed by 45 ° -90 °, so that the stripe shadow left by the polishing of the previous type of sandpaper can be distinguished. Before changing different types of sandpaper, the polished surface must be carefully wiped with 100% pure cotton dipped in alcohol or other cleaning solution, because a small sand left on the surface will destroy the whole polishing work. This cleaning process is also important when changing from sandpaper polishing to diamond grinding paste polishing. All particles and kerosene must be completely cleaned before polishing continues.
(3) In order to avoid scratching and burning the workpiece surface, special care must be taken when polishing with \1200 and \1500 sandpaper. Therefore, it is necessary to load a light load and polish the surface by two-step polishing method. When polishing with each type of sandpaper, it shall be polished twice in two different directions, and the two directions shall be rotated 45 ° -90 ° each time.



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