Design and adjust the machine to solve the surface shrinkage of mold plastic products!

We analyzed the following reasons for the surface shrinkage of the customer’s mold plastic products. At the same time, our injection molding technician carefully sorted out the solutions for your reference:

1. The wall thickness of the mold plastic product itself is too thick. This is because the product design is not processed according to the uniform wall thickness. The solution is to modify the product design and repair the mold.

2. The temperature is too high during forming.

The glue thickness of the bone position of mold plastic products shall be 0.5 to 0.6 times that of the main glue position; If the temperature is too high during forming, it is easy to shrink at the wall thickness and bulge. This is because the place easy to cool is solidified first, and the raw materials of the part difficult to cool will move there. Solution: try to control the shrinkage in a place that does not affect the quality of the finished product. It can also reduce the temperature during forming;

Designers design to solve the surface shrinkage problem of mold plastic products

In addition to the above two cases, there are other design reasons that will shrink the product surface:

1. The glue inlet is too small.

2. The rubber inlet is too far from the wall thickness.

The solution is to consider these problems at the beginning of the design and adjust the gate position to make the processing effect of the product meet the needs of customers.

To solve the problem of surface shrinkage of mold plastic products, we share here. If you want to know more about relevant technical knowledge, please log in to the official website of Dj Mold immediately. There are detailed technical Encyclopedia for your reference! Looking forward to your visit!



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