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The double color injection molding machine consists of two pre-plasticization and injection systems, wherein slight fluctuation of temperature, pressure and quantity of the injected fused materials will influence the color and pattern of products. To ensure uniform appearance of the same batch of products, the technical parameters such as temperature, pressure as well as quantity of injection of the two systems must be under strict control and be kept invariable during production.

The blended color injection molding machine is long and complicated […]


The definition of injection molding is as a method of production objects which is done by the use of an injection molding machine with a heat-meltable plastic material. The shape of products is controlled by a confined chamber called a mold.

The injection molding process is one of the most versatile production methods in the plastic manufacturing industry. It is a major processing technique for converting thermoplastics or thermoset plastics into variety types of products for different end uses such […]

How to find a plastic injection mold or mould maker in china to custom making your plastic parts?

JasonMould Industrial Company Limited is a professional china plastic injection molding company for 3D Printing Rapid Prototyping Service,precision CNC milling service and custom CNC machining services,custom plastic injection molding or moulding company with mould and dies development and manufacturing.

Today we will discuss how to find a plastic injection mold or mould maker in china to custom making your plastic parts?

There are lots of different standard mold makers in China. The most important and difficult thing is to choose the right […]