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JasonMould Industrial Company Limited is a professional china plastic injection molding company for 3D Printing Rapid Prototyping Service,precision CNC milling service and custom CNC machining services,custom plastic injection molding or moulding company with mould and dies development and manufacturing.

Today, we will tell you five basic rquirements of plastic injection molding manufacturing process.

Ensure the quality

Theinjection molding manufactured according to theregulations of mold manufacturing processshould meet the mold design qualificationwith the precision and surface quality. Oncethe initial injection molding is created, the mass production of qualified […]

Plastic injection molding and cnc milling service industries on the rising in China,India And USA

CNC machining is a subtractive manufacturing process where raw material is removed with a variety of precision cutting tools to make a part or product. Advanced software is used to control the equipment according to the specification of your 3D design. Our team of engineers and machinists program the equipment to optimize cutting time, surface finish and final tolerance to meet your specifications. We use CNC machining not only to manufacture parts and prototypes but also to make mold […]