Temperature Control Requirements and Mould Maintenance in Injection Moulding

The requirement of temperature in injection processing is very strict. Controlling the temperature of injection processing is an important factor that determines the eligibility of injection processing products. In view of the injection processing temperature, today I would like to talk about the matters needing attention in injection processing temperature. The following three points have a direct impact on the injection processing temperature: 1.

1. Nozzle temperature: nozzle temperature should not be too low, otherwise it will cause premature solidification of melt and block the nozzle, or the performance of products will be affected by premature solidification injected into the cavity.

2. Temperature of mould: Temperature of mould has a great influence on the intrinsic performance and apparent quality of products. Temperature of mould depends on the crystallinity of plastics, size and structure of products, performance requirements and other technological conditions.

3. Barrel temperature: The temperature of barrel, nozzle and mould need to be controlled in the injection molding process. The first two temperatures mainly affect the plasticization and flow of plastics, while the second one mainly affects the flow and cooling of plastics.

The quality of injection moulding products is not determined by machine or manufacturer. It comes from the first process, which is injection moulding process design. Injection moulding process design is an important factor to determine the quality of product moulding in the future.

The straight edge height of injection moulding products should not be too small, otherwise the bending moment that is not easy to form is not satisfied, and it is difficult to get the precise parts. When punching plastic parts with zigzag edges, the interval L between the edge of the hole and the R base of zigzag radius should not be too small, so as to avoid deformation of the holes after zigzag moulding, and to avoid inward generation of the holes while bending plastic parts. Shortening. The technical positioning holes can be designed, or both ends can be bent together. The shortening problem can also be solved by adding width.

We all know that for injection processing, the mould is a very important part. The quality of the injection mold will directly affect the quality of the processed workpiece. So we should pay attention to the maintenance of the injection mold to ensure that the effect of the injection mold processing meets the requirements eventually. What should we pay attention to?

First, regular inspection, maintenance and oil injection.

Generally speaking, the working cycle of injection moulds is mostly between one month and several months, which takes a long time. Therefore, besides the normal handover, the operator should also account for the use of injection moulds, such as recording the number of times, time and work of injection moulds and moulds in detail. The problems, faults and the process of testing and repairing results occurred in the process, so that the operator can grasp the relevant information of injection moulds in detail, and ensure that the work can proceed normally.

2. Clean up the waste and dirt in the process of injection moulding in time.

In the process of injection moulding, there will inevitably be various kinds of wastes and dirt. Once they accumulate more, they will affect the normal injection moulding process, and even have a negative impact on the effect of injection moulding. Therefore, we should regularly clean up the injection moulds. In addition, there are patterns or patterns on the surface of the cavity. For polishing injection moulds, we should also shorten the cleaning interval to ensure that the surface of the cavity is bright and clean.

Third, the auxiliary components of injection moulds should also be inspected regularly.

Many people neglect the maintenance of auxiliary components of injection moulds when maintaining injection moulds. This is not advisable. The auxiliary parts of injection moulds are also closely related to the effect of injection moulding. Therefore, we should check the auxiliary system of injection moulds regularly to ensure injection moulding.



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