What factors will affect the accuracy of injection mold processing

How can we effectively improve the precision management of our injection mold during processing. First of all, we must know what problems affect the production and processing accuracy of injection mold.

1. Dimensional accuracy

It refers to the actual working dimension of machined parts and the tolerance size and range of parts.

Accuracy is controlled by dimensional tolerance. Dimensional tolerance is the allowable deviation of part size in the cutting process. When the basic dimensions are the same, the smaller the dimensional tolerance, the higher the dimensional accuracy.

2. Shape accuracy

It refers to the actual problem of the surface of the processed product parts, and the coincidence degree between the geometric structure shape and the ideal geometric model shape. There are 6 items to evaluate the shape and accuracy, such as straightness, flatness, roundness, cylindricity and line profile. The accuracy of different shapes is controlled by shape tolerance management. Except roundness and cylindricity, all these shape tolerances are divided into 12 accuracy requirements. Level 1 high, level 12 low.

3. Position accuracy

It refers to the difference between the research surface of the machined parts and the actual working position and accuracy of the enterprise. The accuracy evaluation of position information includes eight aspects: parallelism, perpendicularity, inclination, coaxiality, symmetry, position, circumferential runout and total runout. The position positioning accuracy is controlled by the position tolerance, and the position tolerance for various purposes is divided into 12 accuracy evaluation grades.

Generally, when designing mechanical parts and determining machining accuracy, attention should be paid to controlling the shape error in the positional tolerance, and the positional error should be less than the dimensional tolerance.



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