Regulations on independent inspection of injection molding workshop

1、 Purpose
To strengthen process quality control, improve product quality, improve production efficiency, effectively control the number of rework, and supervise the self inspection of operators.

2、 Scope of application
All injection workshop operators.
3、 Content

1. Before continuous production, the operator must send the first piece of quality inspection for confirmation, and the first piece can be produced only after it is qualified and sealed. The label of the sealed sample must have the article number, name, sample sealing person and sample sealing time, otherwise the products produced will be regarded as defective products.
2. The first product produced after color change, mold change, material change and mold repair can only be mass produced after passing the self inspection and sending it to the quality inspection for confirmation and sample sealing.
3. The products produced by each shift shall be self checked against the sealed samples and injection molding operation instructions. Before taking over the shift, check whether the plan card and the products, materials and colors after mold change are corresponding; Whether the sealing samples and injection molding operation instructions are in place. When taking over the shift, the products must undergo self inspection and initial inspection, and be inspected item by item according to the sealed samples, injection molding operation instructions and relevant quality documents. After confirmation, the products can be produced after taking over the shift.
4. Each shift shall carry out comprehensive self inspection as required, and complete the final product inspection before leaving work. If the final product inspection does not meet the quality requirements, all products of the shift shall be re inspected immediately.
5. If the product does not meet the quality requirements, the technician or the supervisor on duty shall be notified in time for adjustment. The product can be produced only after the product meets the quality requirements and is sent to the quality inspection for confirmation.
6. If you don’t know or know the product quality problem or can’t make accurate judgment, you should send the product to the quality inspector for confirmation and judgment, and know the product quality from the quality inspector.
7. Self checking method
8. Reworked products
The reworked products must be reworked by the operator, and no salary shall be paid during the rework period. For nonconforming products, the quality inspector shall issue a nonconforming product disposal form and directly submit it to the shift supervisor for signature. Reworked products can be warehoused only after they are confirmed to be qualified by quality inspection. The shift supervisor shall carefully implement the reworked products, and teach the operators to prevent the recurrence of similar problems according to the unqualified items determined by the quality inspection.
9. Nonconforming products
a. The operator must report the non-conforming products produced in the production process to the supervisor on duty for treatment, and record the number of non-conforming products in the daily production report of the injection molding workshop. b. The shift supervisor shall analyze the causes of products with high defect rate.
c. The unqualified products produced by the operator can be crushed after being confirmed by the shift supervisor and the quality inspector.
d. The shift supervisor shall collect the daily inspection record form of injection molding workshop for each machine every day to the workshop supervisor for review, and track, verify and handle the abnormalities.
e. Supervise and urge operators to report non-conforming products, and the shift supervisor to handle them after reporting. The workshop controls the rate of defective products.



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